Mezuzah Case 10cm. Blue and Gold MidEastern Pattern


Handmade in Israel
Mezuzah Case

Great house warming or birthday gift!

Handmade Polymer Clay Judaica Mezuzah Case in blue and gold pattern that is reminiscent of a Mis-Eastern pattern for a 10 cm. scroll.

Please note: This is a Mezuzah case only and does not include a Mezuzah scroll, Klaf, which can be purchased at your local synagogue, Chabad, or online.

Since I make each one by hand, they can be ordered for the size you that you prefer for a larger scroll. 

Additional note: This pattern is a limited edition- and is produced from a “cane”.  I use slices that are handmade by me.  I can never make two identical canes and so the exact pattern may not be the same. I will always try to use the same colors as in photos.
This is the cane that I used here:

Mounting Instructions:  You can hang the Mezuzah case with screws (I can drill holes), or I can add a strong 3M double sided adhesive tape, please let me know what you prefer.
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Dimensions of Mezuzah
Height: 16 cm.
Width:  3 1/2 cm.
Depth:  2 1/2 cm.


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